Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Creativity at it's best!

During one of our activities at one of our Book Trails, one kid decided to do something different! While the others strictly followed the not-so-stringent rules, a 10year old decided to flaunt his Poetry-Writing skills, and nevertheless, he proved himself to be the best at it.

Here's an extract of what he wrote.

Strangely enough, Charlotte was cool,
With all the animals who thought she was their teacher at school.

She should have run away,
But loved the farm from the first day.

With the pig that was curious about everything,
From her web, she wrote 'loving'.

Although she knew she was going to die,
She stopped herself when she was going to cry.

All animals troubled her night and day,
The ducks, the sheepdog and the sheep whose legs were grey.

- Mikhail Philip K, 10 years

This is what Storytrails aims at, enhancing one's talent and skills through experiential learning.